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(easy-quick) Beef Sando

Sando was a big trend from Japan that circulated since 2019(?). It’s basically a sandwich that could be sweet, such as filled with cream and strawberry. It could also be savory, such as the famous A5 Beef Sando fancy restaurants are serving. Although the beef sando has been around longer than the trend, it justContinue reading “(easy-quick) Beef Sando”

No Fuss Dakgalbi

My family adores korean food. I can’t express how much my dad loves going to a korean restaurants and ordered a bowl of Kimchi Jjigae for him only 😆 or my sister loves for beef Galbi. Since the beginning of the pandemic I’ve learned quite a lot of korean food cooking so my family don’tContinue reading “No Fuss Dakgalbi”

Winglok Hongkong Dimsum

Did someone say Dim sum? 👀 Hai haii semua, hope you have a great day ya. Nah, abis nge-release beberapa resep kemarin gue pengen post salah satu review makanan yang gue coba kemarin nih! Kenalin nama restorannya itu WINGLOK HONGKONG DIMSUM SHOP, lokasinya ada di akhir post ini ya. Nah, sebenernya dari bulan november gueContinue reading “Winglok Hongkong Dimsum”


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