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(easy-quick) Beef Sando

Sando was a big trend from Japan that circulated since 2019(?). It’s basically a sandwich that could be sweet, such as filled with cream and strawberry. It could also be savory, such as the famous A5 Beef Sando fancy restaurants are serving.

Although the beef sando has been around longer than the trend, it just wasn’t as famous as it is now. We all know, the more famous a dish become, the more expensive it sometimes become.

I haven’t got the chance to try it with the price and all that, but i’ve always wanted to try it. So, when my sister bought me some pretty amazing karubi cuts (with an affordable price on top of that) 🤩 I decided to made a somewhat cheaper and easier Japanese beef sando at home.

it’s easy and fast, you could also add those small chargrilled bell peppers for fun and it will taste amazing too!

enjoy and lmk if you try it 🥪🤎

For 1 person

Cooking time: 35 minutes


• 4 piece beef slices, preferably karubi cuts or ones with the fats in the middle

• a sprinkle of salt

• 1 1/2 tbsp Japanese mayonnaise

• drizzle of tonkatsu sauce

• 1 pair of Japanese white bread, no crust

• a pinch of black pepper


1. I recommend best using Karubi slices/cuts or any beef slices that has fat but not on the sides but in the middle.

2. Pat down your beef and season your beef with only salt.

3. heat your pan (non stick preferably) on a medium high heat and wait till pan is hot, then add beef slices.

4. Cook beef per sides for 30 seconds and set aside on a plate. let it rest for a bit and you can cook it a bit longer for a more well done beef.

5. At the same time, toast some white bread until it is lightly toasted. After that, smother one side of the bread with tonkatsu sauce. The other with the Japanese mayonnaise and some black pepper.

6. Now is time to assemble the Sando!

7. I put the cooked beef slices on the bread with the tonkatsu sauce. then top it with the bread with the Japanese mayo.

8. Cut it halfway but for a more neat cut, cover the sandwich with plastic wrap and THEN cut the sandwich.



Published by The Cooking Econ

An economic student with cooking hobbies, loves sharing easy recipes and trying good food locally and internationally. Born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia

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