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Chandara Thai Cuisine πŸ₯’

I’ve tried this restaurant when they opened the first time but I didn’t order many of the dishes, my mom did LOL.

To be honest… I didn’t know why I’ve only visited Chandara again now (kinda regret it too) but my guess is that it has something to do with their somewhat more expensive price than other thai restaurants in town.

I’d recommend this restaurant if you want to try Thai cuisine for the first time πŸ’ƒπŸ».

Orders, Full Babbling Review and Ratings:

Phad Thai – 8.5/10

First off their phad thai fall to the spicy type, making it not my favorite out of all the other dishes but great nonetheless.

Pla Krapong Basil (deep fried grouper with crispy hot basil) – 9.5/10

The deep fried grouper with crispy hot basil is crunchy, crispy and not soggy! ikannya kita pesen yang medium sized dan itu menurut gue sizenya cukup buat 3 orang or even 4.

Iced Thai Tea – 9.5/10

Thai tea is good, not too sweet.

Kai Kem Goong (Stir fried salted egg shrimp) – 9.5/10

Stir fried salted egg prawn mereka enak banget 😭 yang kayak creamy salted egg gitu (singapore style?) it’s so good. The only problem is the serving size, menurut gue cuma cukup buat 2 orang max since cuma ada 5/6 pieces of prawn in a medium size, so if you’re coming in groups, you better be prepared to order 2 of these.

Gai Hor Bai Toey (Chicken Pandan) – 10/10

BEST DISH FALL TO HER! chicken pandan is juicy, aromatic and all around amazing 🀩 ayamnya super empuk dan big in size. Worth it for the price dan gue takeaway 1 porsi lg karena enak bgt πŸ’€.

Poh Piah Tod (spring roll) – 8/10

spring roll was great, crispy and full of flavor. It taste great and plenty for 3 so enough for 4.

Overall Rating: 9.5

tbh out of all the other thai restaurants, I am willing to give them a 10.. if only some dishes were yk much more in servings.

p.s. reviews are my opinion, do take it with a grain ofπŸ§‚.

For more affordable (pocket friendly) choices, i’ll list the restaurants below!

1. jittlada (their prawn toast and green curries!!!)

2. thamnak thai (best tom yum out of the others and their duck curry is also bussin)

3. thai street (their pad thai is AMAZING and GENEROUS in portion). Cheapest out of all of the 3.


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An economic student with cooking hobbies, loves sharing easy recipes and trying good food locally and internationally. Born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia

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